Rick's Review

"My first visit to Kristi was for severe back pain.  I was diagnosed through an MRI with Stenosis, herniated disc & benign cysts growing against nerve roots.  I also mentioned to her that I have a diagnosis of chronic combat PTSD as well as sinus problems.  The back pain has been alleviated to the point where I rarely use a couple of over the counter pain meds, once or twice a week instead of 1800 mg daily.

By the third appointment with Kristi, I had experienced two other benefits of craniosacral therapy, which to me have felt nothing short of miraculous. First and foremost for me, is that I can sleep at night!  Due to the PTSD, getting a full night of sleep has been impossible for more years than I care to count in spite of many prescribed and over the counter meds as well as home remedies and reading every book I could find on the subject.  It has been debilitating as far as family, work and everyday functioning.  For close to 2 months now I have been getting a straight 6-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night!  To get an idea of what it's been like, I had a sleep study done at the VAMC several years ago.  The results were that I slept 3 hours out of 7 with 54 "interruptions". 

The other benefit I have received from the craniosacral therapy is relief from a sinus problem on my left side.  It has bothered me for years making it hard, sometimes impossible to breathe out the left nostril and causing recurring sinus infections.  No more, my breathing is normal on both sides now.

I first approached the craniosacral therapy with skepticism but was encouraged by my daughter and how much it helped her. I am so very glad I tried it, the therapy has changed and continues to change my life."

—Rick Lund • 67 years old

Mark's Review

"I’ve been seeing Kristi for Craniosacral/Massage Therapy for more than seven years. During that time she has never stopped improving her skills as a therapist. One of the many reasons I’ve been going to Kristi has been her on-going pursuit for knowledge and improvement. I have greatly benefitted from all that she has added to her practice. She is constantly learning, constantly getting better. Kristi has taken several extensive training courses over the years and has been certified as a Craniosacral Therapist. No small feat. The addition of the Craniosacral modality to her practice has been very positive for me. Craniosacral therapy has been terrific in helping me with several pain issues. It has also added another healing component to her practice, and that has been tremendous. 

Kristi has an extensive knowledge of the human anatomy that helps her understand and address problems you might be having. She is always fully present at every appointment, there is never any feeling of distraction. That’s amazing considering how crazy busy we all are. You always feel warmly welcomed. She is very easy to talk to and you feel at ease in her presence. Kristi take her time to listen to you very carefully and to what you are saying. She has an intuitive listening quality that allows her to help you on a deeper level. This studied, measured approach comes through at every appointment making you feel like you are working together to help solve a problem or just relax and be rejuvenated. She is strong but never overpowering. She easily blends her many skills into one session to bring the most benefit to the treatment. I leave every appointment feeling so much better.   

There are people that are gifted in their pursuits in life and Kristi is most definitely one of them. There is a real feeling you are in the presence of a true healer when you are with Kristi. She is such a positive force that it can’t help but rub off on you. All my experiences with her have been so positive. I highly recommend Kristi’s services, she is truly a gifted therapist and healer."

Mark Srull

Laura's Review

Kristi has known about my struggles in raising a child with unique needs for a few years.  When she approached me about the possibility of craniosacral therapy being a benefit for him I was initially a bit skeptical.  This reservation most likely stemmed from the fact that none of his “traditional” providers had ever mentioned how it could be a wonderful therapeutic benefit to a child with apraxia of speech, global apraxia/dyspraxia, and sensory integration dysfunction.  My child has been in various therapies since age 1.  We have seen improvements in all areas of development but it is a slow process considering the magnitude of his motor planning issues.  By the time Kristi approached me a few months ago I was ready to try anything new that could potentially help my son.  Thus, I agreed to give this intriguing therapy a try (which is not at all unusual as it is found in OT, PT, and physicians clinics in much larger population centers…just not here). 

After doing some research on my own it became apparent that craniosacral therapy could really help my child’s motor skill coordination and hopefully, even his sensory function.  My son’s first treatment was quite short.  His “fight or flight” response kicked in and he was done.  What impressed me was Kristi’s ability to remain calm with him.  She could communicate in an effective manner that allowed my son to retain control over his body and how the CT process would be used on him.  She was positive and friendly.  He picked up on this openness and let her know he would be back.  This is not a typical response for him in perceived uncomfortable or new therapies.  He usually screams no and takes off running.  Over the next sessions he was worked up to 30 plus minutes of consistent therapy thanks to Kristi’s incredible ability to read his emotional cues regarding when enough is enough.

Most important are the changes we have observed regarding his motor coordination.  He is running with a more even gait and is less clumsy.  He is more aware of his body in space.  For example, he really looks like a typical kindergartner when playing on playground equipment instead of a child who is a couple years behind in motor skills.  He also seems more relaxed.  After each therapy session, he just sits calmly for an hour or so.  It’s as if his autonomic nervous system can really relax and become more perceptive to other input.  For example, a few weeks ago he finally cooperated for an entire dental exam.  He sat calmly for all x-rays and had his first complete cleaning.  I have been taking him to this dentist for years and I can assure you they were all blown away by his happy demeanor and success at the appointment.

Craniosacral therapy may not be the sole reason for these huge changes but there is certainly a strong possibility that craniosacral therapy, when combined with his other therapies, provided his body a huge and needed relaxation response that helped improve his overall functioning.    It’s as if craniosacral therapy was the missing piece of a neuro-motor puzzle and it has had lasting benefits for my son.  I would strongly recommend it to any parent who is looking for another therapy that may help their child.

Laura James , Walla Walla